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Aug 22 2016
by Zoe Rowland-Simpson

A Letter to My Best Friends As We Leave For College

By Zoe Rowland-Simpson - Aug 22 2016
To my best friends,

To say this summer went by quicker than we wanted is an understatement. Three months ago, we walked across the stage to receive our diplomas and started summer ‘16 with hopes that it would truly be the best summer ever.

As I sit to write this letter, I’m trying hard not to bawl, because it’s finally starting to hit me that we have to say our “see you laters” (I’m refusing to actually say goodbye), and start the next chapters of our lives; however, before we begin our new journey, there’s a few things I wanted to tell you.

Thank you for always carrying me through rough patches like the stupid guy I couldn’t let go of, or when I couldn’t accept that there were things in this life that I can’t control. And for always answering my facetimes and phone calls even at 1 a.m. Thank you for always laughing, either with or at me, for not thinking I was a complete idiot during all of my blonde moments and for picking me up off the floor of the closet when I was crying because “everyone was mad at me." Most importantly, thank you for being such an important part of my life and for helping me to become the person I am today.

I’m sorry for always stealing our Polaroid pictures while claiming I had none, for never finishing a show on Netflix, and for dishing out my problems to you guys at bad times, like at concerts. I’m sorry for getting mad at nothing, for having an addiction to Target and forcing you all to come with me all the time and for zoning out sometimes (okay, a lot of the times) – I promise I listen when it’s important. But, more than anything, I’m sorry that the end of August is already here.

I’ll miss our car ride sing-alongs, trips for ice cream and you guys telling me to stop shopping. I’ll also miss being miserable together during sports practices and math classes, you guys laughing at me for being dramatic and always being late because someone was changing their outfit again. But out of all of that, I’ll miss being only a five minute drive away from one another.

I love you guys for being the most supportive, and caring people I’ve ever known and for letting me dance and sing my heart out even though I can’t do either well. And I love you guys for always being able to move past petty fights and saying you “hated me” while implying the opposite. The biggest reason I love you guys though, is that freshman year, you all welcomed me into your friend group with open arms. We weren’t best friends at first, but now it breaks my heart to think that I won’t see you all for a few months.

I pray we always stay as close as we are now and always continue to share our good and bad days with each other because we all know it’s better when you’re not feeling something alone. I’m so proud of each of us, we’ve made it this far and it’s only going to get better. I can’t wait to see where we go next and I promise to support you all every step of the way.

Love always,


Lead Image Credit: Zoe Rowland-Simpson

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Zoe Rowland-Simpson - Endicott College

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