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Jun 19 2015
by Zoe Haylock

How to Maintain Your High School Friendships

By Zoe Haylock - Jun 19 2015

It’s hard to imagine separating from the friends you’ve grown so close to over the past four plus years. They have been there for most of your teenage milestones and now, they simply won’t be. Despite being miles apart, there are effective ways to keep in contact without taking up all your time.

Before You Leave

Plan a special event in your town that takes place during any one of your breaks. For example, if your county has a huge fair or festival in the summer, make plans to always attend together. This works especially well if you and your friends have been to the event before. The nostalgia from the past will get you guys going, but the new memories you make will turn it into something new.

It doesn’t have to be a festival. Any attraction your area has can be the event for you. Whether it’s a water park, pier, concert or winter celebration, there’s always a way to catch up and have fun.

As far as my friends and I go, we are constantly looking to the future, wishing we could do the things that we couldn’t do as minors. Quite a few of us are ridiculously fond of dancing. If that seems to be the case for your group of friends, then this plan could work for you, too. On New Year's Eve, once everyone has returned from school and turned 18 years old, we plan to find an 18 and over club where we can ring in the new year. It’s a majorly different environment from what we’re used to and a sure-fire way to make a memory.

During the School Year

Pick holidays to send letters, cards or care packages through the mail. Everyone understands the type of stress that comes from the first year of college. Instead of putting all your effort into sending something every month, just send them for specific holidays. The fun part is that you can choose what to celebrate. From Valentine’s Day to Arbor Day, the possibilities are endless and make a quirky way to tell your friends you miss them. Since you’re only sending them at specific times, there’s no way it will thoroughly ruin your schedule and you’ll still be able to focus on schoolwork.

Another quick idea is making it a point to let them know when something reminds you of them. If you’re on Pinterest and you see a DIY your BFF across the country would be into, screenshot and send it to her! A funny tweet or vine just like the ones you and your old friends would die laughing from? Start a group message filled with them. This combination of nostalgia and ease perfectly allows one to take a break from any stressful assignment.

On School Breaks

Returning home for break? Send a quick text to all your old friends to see when they will be home, too. Save the extravagance for summer or winter breaks when everyone is home at the same time. On fall and spring breaks catch up with whoever you can by going to lunch or for ice cream. Use this time to see what’s new in town or visit an old favorite. It’s the perfect time to reconnect to your friends in a low-budget and low-maintenance way.

Do you have a friend who ended up staying in your hometown? Instead of bragging about the exciting adventures you’ve been having, take that friend on a new one! There’s a million places to go outside of your city. Pick one that you think they’d be into and surprise them with a short getaway. Just because they chose a different route doesn’t mean they should miss out on the excitement that comes with growing up.

Don’t lose contact with such good friends! There’s no point in losing them due to time or distance. Use these ideas to reconnect with your old friends and dive into waves of nostalgia without getting too deep!

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