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Dec 10 2015
by Zoe Haylock

6 Planners to Get Your New Year Organized

By Zoe Haylock - Dec 10 2015

Life can get messy. With all the tests, essays, studying and extracurriculars we've put on our plates, it's necessary to write it all down to ensure nothing gets forgotten. But there are so many amazing planners to choose from! Read on to figure out which one is right for you. 

1. Erin Condren 

This planner is incredibly customizable from the cover, to the dates, to the style. While their most popular is the vertical planner, the horizontal planner is really good for writing down assignments. The paper is thick, so your favorite pen won't bleed through. Plus, the cover is actually interchangeable and you can order a new one from Erin Condren whenever you'd like, just to spice things up. You can even add your own photos or designs. 

It is a little big big and definitely not something you'd carry in your purse wherever you go. This is because of the plastic zipper pocket and file in the back that you can add anything you need to remember to, like business cards or notes to yourself that you don't want to make permanent in the book. 

Cost: $50-75 USD, depending on the planner

Due to the price, I don't recommend the EC for anyone who isn't a serious planner. If you're not sure you'd stick to it, keep reading for other options!

2. The Happy Planner by Me and My Big Ideas

These planner are so fun. While not as customizeable as the Erin Condren, Happy Planner pages can be added in or removed! This comes in super handy if you want your planner to get smaller over time or need extra space. Theoretically, if you like your cover, when a new year comes around you can can just buy new inserts and continuing using them That gives the Happy Planner lasting power that the EC just doesn't have. 

The planner is filled with lovely illustrations and inspiring quotes to get you through the good days and bad ones. Inside, there are vertical boxes, a bit like the EC, that you fill out weekly. To find out more about the inside, click the link above and check out the videos on the page!

Cost: $24.90 REGULARLY. IF YOU BUY SOON, ALL HAPPY PLANNERS ARE 50% ($12.45, plus shipping). This is because the new year is about to begin and they want to sell all of their July 2015 to December 2016 Planners. Since you can just remove the 2015 pages, this is an incredible steal! I actually JUST bought one for a Christmas gift! Go, go, go!

I highly suggest new planners try this planner in order to get a feel of what your planner style might be. For the price and ease, it's definitely worth it. 

3. Plum Paper Planner

These planners are nearly identical to the Erin Condren, but so much cheaper. The designs are a lot different and you can't customize the covers as thoroughly as you can with an EC. However, the PPP is amazing in its own right because there are 4 different layouts you can choose from. Everyone plans differently, whether you want something hourly, strict like verticals or more lax like horizontals. The PPP gives you the option to choose. 

To go along with your planner, you can purchase add-ons that they'll put in for in. These add ons can be fitness/wellness related, for blog planning or budget planning. You can add as many as you'd like before hitting your page limit--planners can only hold so much!

Cost: ~$31 USD, without add-ons

With the PPP, what you're paying for is ease and organization. While the other two focus a lot on aesthetic beauty, the PPP has made it so that you can get organized efficiently. 

4. Moleskine

For something trustworthy and not too extravagant, a Moleskine planner is certainly the way to go. The same exact planner can be found in a large size and a pocket size. A pocket size is amazing for someone is always on the go and doesn't have time to sit and planner a week out. The hard covers are durable, so to last you the whole year. A pocket planner at this price may seem frivolous--they sell these at Wal-Mart for $5, but the Moleskine is different than most other planners. Every page is allotted for an entire day. One whole page. One whole day. You can write down everything you need to do, plus random notes for anything else. As for this planner specifically, it's STAR WARS. LET THE FORCE BE WITH YOU and buy it! 

Cost: $21.50 USD

5. Mead

This particular planner has the word "Cambridge" in its title. If that doesn't motivate you to buy it, don't worry something else will. This planner is wire bound for durability, but is then encased in fabric for extra support and protection. Inside, there's a monthly spread and a weekly one. This planner, unlike previous ones, comes with an air of dignity, almost as if it's straight from the printing presses at Cambridge. Soon enough, your life will be as organized as perhaps Stephen Hawking, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Ian McKellan, or Tom Hiddleston. Goals. 

Cost: $13.99

6. The Passion Planner

I'm adding this planner in as a sort of dark horse because my roommate just about begged me to. The Passion Planner began as a Kickstarter for people who wanted quality planners without all the frills many come with. These straightforward, respectable planners have intense organization inside: hourly days, to do lists, weekly reminders, a monthly spread, and an overall goal page. What to write in is completely up to you! The planner is fabric bound and a massive A4 (8.5 x 11) size. You can get a 5.5 by 8.5 size planner for about five dollars less. 

Somewhere in between the organization of a Plum Paper Planner and the refined nature of the Mead planner. This is for someone passionate about getting and staying organized. 

Cost: $24.99-$29.99 USD

Planners make wonderful gifts to yourself and to others. By having something right in front of you, inspiring you to get stuff done, you're sure to have a productive new year!

Lead Image Credit: Mercy Tiara

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