TED is an incredible platform to find interesting ideas. They can bring you inspiration, new knowledge or simply entertainment. I found seven incredible talks that, even when they don't seem related, can bring us useful pieces of advice. So here you have some interesting, wise and worth-sharing ideas:

1. "There’s More to Life Than Being Happy" by Emily Esfahani Smith

Emily Esfahani Smith is a journalist and author, and she researched the power of meaning in our lives. In her talk, she mentions that the pursuit of happiness can make us anxious and unhappy. Ironic, right? According to Emily’s research, the pursuit of meaning is more effective, because it gives us something to hold on to, in both good and bad situations. By describing four pillars: Belonging, Purpose, Transcendence and Storytelling, she teaches us how to find meaning and a deeper purpose for our lives, making it a perfect talk to watch when our motivation is running out.

2. "12 Truths I Learned From Life and Writing" by Anne Lamott

In this TED talk, the novelist Anne Lamott tells us 12 truths she wrote down some days before she turned 61. With her wit and humor, Anne shares with us her wisdom about life and writing. She talks about a wide range of topics, like family, self-love, food and death. In only 15 minutes, we may find more than one piece of advice to take.

3. "Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are" by Amy Cuddy 

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy explains how our nonverbal language shapes how others see us and how we see ourselves. According to her experiments, holding a "power pose" for two minutes can make us feel more confident; she advises us to fake a posture of power until we feel like so. “Fake it until you make it,” she says. The science of the power pose is still on research; however, we can give it a try on situations where we need to feel confident and powerful.

4. "The Mystery Box" by J.J Abrams 

J.J. Abrams, known filmmaker for television shows like "Lost" and movies like "Star Wars Episode VII," tells the story of how his passion for mystery started. He has the “mystery box” which represents potential, hope and infinite possibility. Also, Abrams explains that "they're a resource we all have access to because stories are also a mystery box." He encouraged us to go and make our stories and our films (for those who are interested in that). We all can take the message that creativity is inside of us. He says “the mystery box is all of us.”

5. "Your Elusive Creative Genius" by Elizabeth Gilbert 

Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “Eat, Pray, Love,” shares her concern about the pressure artists feel due to high expectations. She presents the idea that humans shouldn’t be seen as geniuses, but rather to think we all have a genius. Inspired by the ancient Roman beliefs, she breaks the artist free from the anxiety of his/her performance. So next time you are working on something creative, feel free to say "Hey, creative genius, I'm doing my job, now do yours!"

6. "The Little Risks You Can Take to Increase Your Luck" by Tina Seelig 

Tina Seelig is a Stanford professor who teaches us that luck is not a thing of chance, but more like a constant blowing wind. She describes three things we can do to build a sail to catch luck: take small risks, show appreciation to all the people who help us and look at ideas as possibilities. From this talk, we can learn that our success doesn't depend on luck; it depends on our constant effort to get out of our comfort zone.

7. "Why We Choke Under Pressure — And How to Avoid It" by Sian Leah Beilock 

Throughout our lives, we face situations where we had to perform at our best while under pressure, like an exam, a job interview or a presentation. So why do we fail to do so even when we prepared before? In her talk, cognitive scientist Sian Leah Beilock answers this question. She explains how our worries and need for control plays against us because we overthink what we are doing. This is called “Paralysis by Analysis.” Luckily, she mentions some techniques we can use to stop ourselves and make our best.

Life can be overwhelming, so it's good for us to hear these ideas to get new perspectives regarding our problems. These talks can help us with that. I hope you learn and get inspired by them, too!

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash