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Oct 08 2016
by Zachary Guida

Marijuana Cultivation Course Added to Canadian College's Curriculum

By Zachary Guida - Oct 08 2016

Marijuana has become a big topic in America today, with controversy over recreational use frequently in the media. For Canadian college Communautaire de Nouveau-Brunswick, the topic of marijuana has been made into its own course. The New Brunswick College is starting a program on marijuana cultivation that will give students the knowledge necessary to work at companies involving the production of the drug. 

Fox News reports how Canadian Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau campaigned for the legalization of recreational marijuana, which will apparently be introduced by the spring of 2017. Unlike in America, medical marijuana is legal everywhere in Canada. 

The exact details for the school program are still in the works. People who go through the program are sure to prosper, though, as the government of New Brunswick has invested $3.03 million into a medical marijuana company, creating up to 208 jobs for the region. 

Doucet, a school official, told Fox News, "This is not a mainstream program. We're looking at training qualified employees to meet the needs of industry, versus training students at large." 

Differing from universities which grant diplomas, Canadian colleges give degrees upon graduation. The school is still deciding on whether or not the program will become a full diploma program.

This program looks to be a beneficial addition to the New Brunswick area, which has been suffering from a weak economy and is in need of a economic boost. 

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Zachary Guida - William Paterson University

Zachary Guida is a freshman attending William Paterson. He participated in the literary magazine at his high school and is currently writing poetry and short stories that he hopes to publish in the future.

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