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Oct 21 2016
by Zachary Guida

Ellen DeGeneres Provides for a College Student in Need

By Zachary Guida - Oct 21 2016

We all know the one and only Ellen DeGeneres, right? How can you not know her? This hilarious comedian and TV show host has been in our lives one way or another, whether it was hosting an award show or voicing a certain forgetful fish we all know and love. With her recent guest on her hit show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Ellen shows us why we love her so much.

In a segment of her show that aired last week, Ellen and her celebrity guest Kevin Hart talked about giving to someone who is “really deserving,” USAToday reported. 

They continue to talk about this ideal candidate as someone who works two or more jobs in order to pay for college and has given countless hours to community service. Well, this face has a name, as Ellen brought out her surprise guest Amber Thomas, a college student with a 70-hour work week and a full class schedule to boot.

Thomas told Ellen and the audience how she was inspired by DeGeneres and hoped to help people one day just as she does. USAToday reports that Thomas told DeGeneres, “You just bring so much joy to my life.”

Well DeGeneres and Hart gave back to the girl who had given so much of herself to her community. 

Ellen gave her the essential college utility belt, a backpack filled with a $250 gift card to the Gap, a $500 Best Buy gift card, a $1,000 American Express card and a Macbook Air! 

Now if that isn’t an example of the universe repaying you for your hard work, I don’t know what is.

DeGeneres and her guests were playing a game which involved tossing Altoids into each other’s mouths when DeGeneres announced that Shutterfly was giving her $25,000 to help pay off her student loans. Thomas reacted by bursting into tears and by greatly thanking DeGeneres. 

That day, Thomas lived every college student’s dream: being given money to pay off your loans with. This just goes to show how hard work and dedication can pay off in the long run. 

Watch the clip from "The Ellen DeGeneres Show!" below.

Lead Image Credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Zachary Guida - William Paterson University

Zachary Guida is a freshman attending William Paterson. He participated in the literary magazine at his high school and is currently writing poetry and short stories that he hopes to publish in the future.

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