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Jun 15 2016
by Zach Lang

This Little Old Lady Perfectly Photobombed A College Baseball Game

By Zach Lang - Jun 15 2016

According to The Washington Post, a Texas A&M batter was all serious and focused, ready to bat, when unnoticed to him something far more comical occurred. As the television camera zoomed in on him, a woman magically appeared from out of sight and caused at least a thousand chuckles from viewers with a simple smile and wave.

Twitter via Washington Post

After this post went Twitter-famous, people decided to retweet the video with their reactions.

This could easily be the best photobomb of the year, but there is still six full months left in 2016. Sports fans better come up with something better, although it will be hard to beat this!

Lead Image Credit: Twitter @CarterKarels via Washington Post

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Zach Lang - Syracuse University

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