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Sep 30 2016
by Zach Lang

The Top 5 Mascots In College Sports

By Zach Lang - Sep 30 2016

There is no doubt that college sports is full of wonderful, interesting, some very questionable mascots.  Some are simply the best of the best and have made it into this top 5 list of best college mascots.

5. Notre Dame's Leprechaun

This mascot may not have a giant suit, but he really struts his stuff.  Looking fancy for every game, he brings energy to the fighting Irish squad.  The student section is even named after him, called the "Leprechaun Legion."  One thing is for sure: the Leprechaun will put a skip in the step of Notre Dame players and fans.


4. Wisconsin's Bucky Badger

Wisconsin's famous badger is a big contender for the top spot.  No really, he's a BIG contender, I mean look at that big head!  This mascot even does pushups every time the badgers score, doing one pushup per point.  He never fails to lighten the mood or get the student section roaring during games.


3. Stanford's Tree -- Even Though They Are The Cardinals

This mascot is so ridiculous it is hard to hate it.  The tree is infamous for changing its style year to year.  This includes a pine tree, a palm tree, any tree you can name, it has probably been done.  The only question is if the team is called the Stanford Cardinals, whose idea was it to make the mascot a tree?

2. The Oregon Duck

The Oregon Duck is a staple in PAC 12 football.  He also does pushups, but is famous for just being that one crazy duck.  The Fighting Duck even got in trouble once for fighting the Houston Cougar's mascot, Shasta, for copying his pushup technique.  His ingenuity as a mascot and random shenanigans make him a perfect mascot...

1. Syracuse's Otto The Orange

... but not as perfect as Syracuse's lovable mascot.  Otto knows how to fire up a Syracuse crowd, waving his own flag at football games and spinning his body around constantly in an adorable fashion.  ESPN even named him number one in the ACC in their list of college's top mascots, proving this ball of orange is the best of the best.

Lead Image Credit: GoDucksdotcom via YouTube

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