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Jun 15 2016
by Zach Lang

A College Football Recruit Was Paralyzed By An Accident Right Before High School Graduation

By Zach Lang - Jun 15 2016

Jake Javier had his college career lined right up for him, football scholarship and all.  However, one little action can change everything.  According to USA Today, Javier fell into a pool, which caused him to become paralyzed days before his high school graduation.

He, for sure, is not going to walk again, but we do hope that — once he is awake and over time — he will regain use of his hands" - Javier's Aunt

Javier was set to play football for Cal Poly and was going to be on campus in just a few weeks to prep for the upcoming season with his new teammates.  Instead, he now lies in a hospital bed waiting to recover and go through rehab.  

This incident is one of many that result in young men being paralyzed and losing the ability to go to college to pursue their athletic dreams.  Javier should not be discouraged, however.  He still has a bold life ahead of him with a strong family and teammates from his high school team that have stood by his side late at night in the hospital room.  Football teams are notable for their bonds among players, and Javier is in great hands with his teammates.

The community also recognized the severity of the accident, which was shown when Javier was not able to attend his graduation ceremony from San Ramon Valley High School.  A GoFundMe page was created to help the family with hospital bills and (up to published date) has raised over $130,000. To contribute to his GoFundMe page, click here.

Lead Image Credit: Cal Coastal News

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