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Jun 15 2016
by Zach Lang

If College Football Teams Were in Hogwarts Houses

By Zach Lang - Jun 15 2016

Not everyone is a fan of sports, but we can all agree that Harry Potter is a beloved franchise.  With that, USA Today categorized many college football teams under the four houses of Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin.  

Gryffindor houses the notable teams of Ohio State, Michigan, Oklahoma, UCLA, Houston, Texas, Florida, Navy, Georgia, and Arizona.  No surprise that Ohio State is in this group, as the program has been a productive and positive staple over the past decade.  Under Urban Meyer, the team won a title in 2015 in a 42-20 blowout of the Oregon Ducks and since has had numerous players drafted into the NFL.  They are the prime example of how a college football program should be run, so no doubt about them being placed in the prized Gryffindor house.

USA Today

The house of Ravenclaw is described as containing students known for knowledge and wit, so football teams in this house desire to learn all they can to move up in the rankings year after year.  Placed in Ravenclaw are the programs of Duke, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Rice, Stanford, Oregon, Notre Dame, Northwestern, California, and Vanderbilt.  The likes of Rice, Wake Forest, and Georgia Tech are programs that lately have not made it into national rankings, but hold promise as they annually play top teams.  Oregon and Stanford are perhaps the best two teams in the PAC 12 conference, always trying to best the other with knowledge of the game and performance levels, clearly a Ravenclaw trait.

USA Today

Hufflepuff is known for family as well as working well with fellow students.  Therefore, the teams in this house have a strong, family-like bond.  Clemson, East Carolina, Memphis, Oklahoma State, Boise State, Wisconsin, BYU, Auburn, Washington State, and LSU complete this house.  Clemson is most notable in this group because of its recent success in the past couple of seasons, making it to this past year's title game against Alabama.  They strive to be a family unit, and in a world where things can fall apart rather easily, strong bonds among teammates can hold a season together.

USA Today

Last but certainly not least, Slytherin house holds students noted for trying to simply be the best and achieve a name for themselves in the wizard world.  However, when it comes to football, this will include programs that hold a reputation for success or a certain play style (Alabama, I'm looking at you).  Included in this house are the teams of colleges Alabama, SMU, Arkansas, Miami, Penn State, USC, Texas A&M, Florida State, Louisville, and Tennessee.  Alabama has set the winning standard year after year under Nick Saban, winning last year's title against Clemson, and has established a dynasty in college football.  Saban even sounds a little like Voldemort and his rise to power. Avada Alabama?  Seems logical.

USA Today

Lead Image Credit: USA Today

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