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Oct 11 2016
by Zach Lang

College Quarterback Involved In High School Brawl To Defend His Younger Brother

By Zach Lang - Oct 11 2016
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Ole Miss' starting quarterback Chad Kelly was involved in a brawl at his former high school in Upstate New York this past weekend.  His younger brother, Casey, is a starting quarterback and the victim of a late hit by the opposing team which led to a brawl on field.  It was then that Kelly took to the field and got involved.

While some say Kelly made a bad decision and brought a bad image to Ole Miss' program, his own coach agreed with his actions, according to ESPN.  

Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss' coach, explained that when family is involved, it is hard to ignore the instinctual call to action.


Kelly apologized for his actions in the brawl.

"I regret doing it. But at the same time, I'm sure any of us, if we saw a family member out there in need of help, we would've come to the rescue too."

It brings to light an important question all people, not just athletes, must ask themselves: what would you do if a family member was in a similar situation?

Kelly's brother was hit late and then kicked while on the ground, and that is when punches were thrown.  While brawling in its own is a completely different problem that should be addressed in high school sports, defending family members should not be negatively viewed.  

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The Rebels take on a ranked Arkansas this Saturday as Kelly looks to put the incident behind him.

Lead Image Credit: Ole Miss Rebels via YouTube

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