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Nov 13 2016
by Zach Lang

College Athletes React To The Election

By Zach Lang - Nov 13 2016

Needless to say this year's election caught everyone by surprise.  Whether people agree with it or not, Donald Trump will become our new president in 2017.  College athletes were just as surprised as we were and took to Twitter to describe their mixed feelings about the biggest underdog of 2016 taking the W for the White House.

-Chris Lammons, Cornerback, South Carolina

-Devin Adams, Quarterback, Auburn

-Avery Johnson Jr, Guard, Alabama
-Royce Freeman, Runningback, Oregon
-Quenton Meeks, Cornerback, Stanford
-Paris Palmer, Offensive Tackle, Penn State
-Mathew Moyer, Guard, Syracuse
-Jayson Tatum, Forward, Duke
-Miles Bridges, Guard, Michigan State
-Bronson Koenig, Guard, Wisconson

Lead Image Credit: ABC News via YouTube

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Zach Lang - Syracuse University

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