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Oct 21 2016
by Zach Lang

The Big 12 Is Even More Exclusive Than You Think

By Zach Lang - Oct 21 2016

The Big 12 conference has now elected to not expand after all, according to ESPN.  They had previously considered up to 19 teams to expand the conference, which already consists of 10 schools including Texas, Oklahoma and Baylor.  The conference is now under scrutiny after the whole sequence of events seemed like a publicity stunt.

According to ESPN, Mike Aresco, the commissioner of the American Athletic Conference, seemed to think just that as well.  He called the Big 12's decision a "colossal distraction," now taking a big sigh of relief as the months-long escapade is over.  He even believes the AAC has been boosted after the Big 12 seems to have tarnished their own reputation.

After this charade, it seems as if the Big 12 has put itself in a negative light.  

The conference holds just 10 colleges, and denied applications from prestigious colleges such as BYU (currently independent in BCS Football), UConn, Houston and nine other teams from the AAC alone as well as other universities.  

Because the Big 12 made public statements and did not add any new members, they have alienated themselves from the rest of the conferences, seemingly claiming they are just "too good" for any possible candidates.  

If they choose to expand in the future, they will need a good pitch to colleges to prove that this time around it will not be a fluke.

Lead Image Credit: The Stadium Channel via YouTube

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Zach Lang - Syracuse University

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