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Aug 30 2016
by Zach Lang

10 Tips For Successful Tailgating

By Zach Lang - Aug 30 2016

It's football season, and for all you new crazy college kids, that means you have to learn how to tailgate.  Here are the top ten ways to best enjoy your tailgate party as the new faces on campus:

1. Eat tailgate food or you're not doing it right. 

Granted, the majority of college students do not own or would even think about having a BBQ grill on campus with them.  If not, buying a hot dog or a burger from a vendor works just as well. It is also fun to make random friends who do have food! (Go with friends, though!)

2. Dress like a super fan. 

If you are not reppin' your team, that is a problem.  Jerseys, hats, t-shirts, or anything with the appropriate color scheme will make you look like the team's greatest supporter. The crazier, the better.

3. Play some good tunes. 

A tailgate is not a tailgate without a stereo and some good music.  Just be aware of the content in the music and the audience around you. Clashing music is bad, so make sure you and your neighbors have a good vibe going!

4. Where there is music, there is dancing. 

Don't be afraid to dance, show off your moves to the entire parking lot infested with fellow tailgaters. Not gonna lie, looking stupid is a lot of fun.


People may be everywhere, but remember that tailgates still occur in a parking lot.  Always be on alert for lurking cars, they may not see you. Getting hit and having to go to the hospital is not as fun as the game you will be missing.

6. Be aware of grills. 

Grills cook with fire.  Fire burns stuff.  Do not be the cause of something burning. A good idea: If you are grilling, bring a fire extinguisher.

7. Bring a football. Always. 

Any tailgate requires the essential football.  It is a must-have, so start working on your throwing arm now to prepare yourself. If you can't spiral, figure out how or you shall forever live in tailgating disgrace.

8. Be sociable!

Everyone is there for the game, so talk to them!  You just might make a new friend or show off your sports knowledge. Just make sure that if you go somewhere, you stay with people you know to be safe.

9. Try not to get TOO hyped...

Sports stadiums can easily get someone excited, so try your best not to go too crazy.  You just might make yourself look like a super fool instead of a super fan. This is cringe worthy.


Have as much as fun with your friends and family as you want!  Just be responsible and save some enjoyment for the game!

We hope these tips help you have a blast and get into the school spirit!

Lead Image Credit: Ken Lund via Flickr Creative Commons

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Zach Lang - Syracuse University

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