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Aug 28 2017
by Yu Chien Wang

9 Common College Student Struggles on Social Media

By Yu Chien Wang - Aug 28 2017

Social media is a big part of our lives. We get updates on our friends from home through their social media and are also able to stalk our future roommates. Having the advantage to pick and choose what to share with others comes with many struggles. 

1. To post or not to post?

What content is too intimate? Too political? Too inappropriate to be lying around on the internet for everyone to see? What are the chances that your future interviewers would see what you've posted on your Instagram?

2. Low-key waiting for that one person to view your snap story.

If you say you've never done this before you're lying. There will be some snaps that you are just dying for that one person to see, like taking a snap of your friends across the room during class and zooming in on their faces, thinking it was hilarious. 

3. Spending hours browsing a meme page.

Memes are one of the biggest factors of procrastination. This is probably a very common struggle for college students, especially right before deadlines. 

4. Too many followers.

Some people like to keep their finsta intimate. Just like having an intimate birthday party, you would only want close friends to attend, but still, it's rude to reject other people who want to join. So you ended up with more people on your page that what you would've wanted. And, once again, you have to control what you post.

5. Not enough followers.

After trying all the popular hashtags, you still haven't gained any followers? Your following and followers ratio isn't a perfect 1:3? How stressful! 

6. Family friends who always comment on your pictures.

It's always sweet to see your family friend being involved and very affectionate, but sometimes it's better if it's not so public. 

7. We need closure, too! 

A lot of couples post pictures of each other or themselves on social media constantly. But one day, they might delete each other's pictures and unfollowed each other overnight. As a fan for such a long time, following their love story for months, I feel like members of the audience deserve some sort of closure, too. The couples definitely owe the audience some sort of explanation. We are still waiting and we want to know what happened, too.

8. That friend who takes everything too seriously.

Sometimes, you would make a joke to spark some laughter. But there would be this one friend who would either A. take you too seriously and give you a semi-lecture, B. try to explain to you why your logic is wrong, or C. get your joke but hate it. 

9. Am I posting too much? 

How many times can you post in a day without being annoying? How many snaps are acceptable when one attends a concert? How many snaps are too many snaps at a frat party? 

We spend a lot of time browsing social media and these are the consequences that come with all the fun of stalking one another. Hopefully your social media experiences aren't too stressful: Keep your heart light and be yourself! 

Lead Image Credit: Sticker Mule via Unsplash

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Yu Chien Wang - Syracuse University

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