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Dec 26 2016
by Yu Chien Wang

6 Tips for a Long Distance Friendship

By Yu Chien Wang - Dec 26 2016

As winter break comes, people have a chance to reunite with their long distance friend from home who they have missed dearly while they were away in college. It's never easy to maintain a friendship, but here are some tips for you to keeping the fun going while you are away from your friend.    

1. Schedule phone calls.

It may sound silly to "make an appointment" with your friend to talk on the phone, but it is very helpful if the both of you have a busy schudule and live in a different time zone. Also, the phone call doesn't have to be long — a brief check in is always nice. 

2. Send care packages.

Treat your long distance friend like how your grandparents treat you! Spoil your friends with candies, a good book and a hand written letter. 

3. Stay invested in your friend's life.

A great way to do so is to remember your long distance friend's new friends when they mentioned them. Ask about their new friends when you see them on Snapchat. It can be pretty cool to be their internet friend. 

4. "Please" and "thank you" go a long way.

A lot of the time we forget to show gratitude to the people we kept closest to our hearts. Therefore, acknowledging that your friend is putting in effort in the friendship is always something nice to do. 

5. Start watching a show together. 

Doing so gives both of you a new common ground and it helps you feel like your friend is not too far away. Heads up, it can take forever to finish the show. 

6. Send memes.

Nothing can beat memes as they are so funny, short to read and give you a good laugh for a while. Send your long distance friend memes to brighten up their day and hope they will send some good one in return!

Distance makes the heart grow fonder and as long as the both of you put in effort, you guys will not drift far apart. Using these few tips will help make sure your friendship stays strong in your months apart.

Lead Image Credit: Anneliese Phillips via Unsplash 

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Yu Chien Wang - Syracuse University

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