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Jul 10 2017
by Yu Chien Wang

6 Reasons Why College Students Should Visit Taipei

By Yu Chien Wang - Jul 10 2017

Taiwan is advertised as "The Heart of Asia" in many advertisements, and it's quite true because it's literally above the Philippines and below Japan and Korea. Noticeably, the capital of Taiwan, Taipei has a lot to offer. 

1. Student budget friendly.

If you are on a tight student budget, staying at any rooms in a hostel could be a perfect choice for the trip. It's usually around $10 per night. Also, food is cheap as well. You could find a whole, plain meal for $3-$5. Transportation on the metro or the bus will also never be over $1.67 one-way. 

Tai Jyun Chang via Unsplash

2. High concentration of high-end stores.

If you prefer something nicer, there are plenty of choices in Taipei just like any major cities. Blocks of five-star hotels are located right in the center of downtown Taipei and all over the city. Tasteful, elegant restaurants are located on every other block. There is also a high concentration of luxurious shops. If you are into high-end shopping, Taipei will not disappoint. 

Lawrence Wang

3. Creative artwork.

Cultural and Creative Park has been a trend in Taipei for years. It's a place, idea and industry that provides a platform for the creative industry to put out innovative products. Its products are often a blend of different industries with a new approach. For example, there are places for customers where they can make rings with their own hands and their own designs. Mostly, there will be lots of stationery. Some, you would even wonder, "What's that for?"

Yu-chien Wang

4. Museums of Fine Art.

Taipei Fine Art Museum has free exhibitions on the second and third floor all year long. In the summer, it's usually packed with famous and unique artworks, featuring lots of Taiwanese artists that provide new insights into how people across the globe pursue fine arts and express their views. Artists use the exhibition to raise awareness about social movements, to speak for the helpless group in society and to simply send a message. Remember to bring your student ID to get 50 percent off for the tickets for exhibitions on the first floor! 

Yu-chien Wang

5. A city for night owls.

If you are often hungry or bored at night, there will be a variety of snack booths, games and restaurants to choose from, even when it's two in the morning. And, if you would prefer to have a drink, Taipei has a vivid night life as well. The XinYi district is mostly packed with people on the weekend. You couldn't really tell the differences between 7 p.m. and 4 a.m. while wandering around in the district. Also, Taipei is ranked as one of the safest cities for travelers, which is always a plus. 

Jason Chen via Unsplash

6. Unique Street Style.

This Taiwanese music video demonstrates the love for vintage style in Taipei. Also, the next video will give you a glimpse of the obsessions of fun/weird style among the younger generations. 

7. Beautiful Temples.

Even though Taipei is a very modern city, the temples are well preserved and they have been a tourist hot spot for both religious and non-religious people. Temples are interesting to visit because this is a chance for tourists to experience the rich cultural vibe of the city.

Frank Mckenna via Unsplash

Fly to the other side of the globe and come see this very different city yourself. Taiwan has been ranked as the #1 world's best food destination on CNN. That alone should be a big driving motivation to visit! 

Lead Image Credit: Thomas Tucker via Unsplash

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Yu Chien Wang - Syracuse University

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