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Feb 06 2017
by Yu Chien Wang

5 Ways We Can Move Forward After the Women's March

By Yu Chien Wang - Feb 06 2017

The Women's March was an organized movement that was based in Los Angeles, D.C., New York and in cities all across the world the day after President Trump's Inauguration. It was a protest that advocated for human rights through the point of view of protecting women's rights. Here are ways to continuously support the intention of The Women's March even after the protest took place. 

Anja Johnson

1. Educate yourself about current events. 

Not just on The Women's March but also information on Trump's Inauguration, his conflict with the media world, health care, insurance and so on. Understand why the Women's March took place right after the Inauguration and learn about what exactly protestors were asking for. 

2. Wear Women's March apparel. 

The ending of The Women's March doesn't mean it's the end of the pink pussy hat. Feel free to whip it out once in a while to remind people that this is an ongoing issue and to stay warm in your pink beanie over winter. 

3. Reach out to representatives. 

We often underestimate our influences on policies that seem far away from us. It's easy to convince ourselves that the senators have their mind set on certain views and they are out of our reach — which is untrue. Start contacting your local representatives via phone calls, emails and letters. Keep in mind that it is their job to consider your opinions and deliver what is best in the peoples' interests. Let your voice be heard. 

4. Go to city council meetings. 

This is the most direct way to get involved and to really have a sense of who's serving the city and what is going on. Attending city council meetings mean more than just showing up — it sends a message to the government that there are issues you care about and that you are involved enough to be present during the discussions. 

5. Join social organizations. 

Being in an organization is a good way to spread information around. Stay involved, make a change and you will be rewarded by the end. 

These are just a few ways to protect our own rights. Get involved and look after your people. We are all in this together. 

Lead Image Credit: Anja Johnson

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Yu Chien Wang - Syracuse University

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