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Mar 01 2016
by Yu Chien Wang

The 10 Types of Relationships on Your Floor After A Semester and a Half of College

By Yu Chien Wang - Mar 01 2016

As we all know, the ultimate experience of college is to live in a dorm. You will find people who you absolutely love while living in a college dorm, but at the same time you will meet people who you secretly hope you never have to live again. But if you are lucky enough, you will end up on a floor where most of the people bonded over something silly and formed unbreakable connections. But here's the different relationships that exist after a semester and a half of living together...

1. People who dislike each other


People who were constantly disagreeing with each other last semester now will probably move on to the "let’s act like we don't know each other" stage. This is the stage where both sides stop trying to make things work between them because it was set in stone that their friendship had reached the furthest it could go. (But hey, there is no one to blame. Maybe it is not a bad thing that they let each other go!)

2. The best friend


Your best friend from last semester went through everything with you and pretty much saw you butt-naked multiple times; they probably dragged your drunk little butt back from a crusty, sweaty frat house's basement. Or they had to talk you out of many bad decisions that you almost made. Even better, they might have joined you in your poor decision-making skills! All is great if your friendship with your homie continues this semester! On the other side, if you feel distance from your first semester best friend, it is perfectly okay too. People mature and we all need to change things up once in awhile. Just keep in mind that the connection you had with the person will be your most treasured memory from the first semester of college and hopefully theirs too!

3. Friends with benefits


At this point there are only two explanations for friends with benefits whose relationship lasted from first semester of college until now. First explanation is that they are two logical people who just did not develop enough feelings to sublimate their "thing." Which is perfect for the fun in friends with benefits. Nothing too much and nothing too messy. Second, they are both secretly in love with each other. Which is super cute and maybe it is easier for them to not touch on the "deep talk" and keep things light and easy!

4. Strangers


There are always "floor strangers" on your floor. They are usually in a friend group that is difficult to break into or they just don't care about the people they live with. At this point of the year, if you still don't remember the name of your "floor strangers" you guys will pretty much remain strangers. Oh well.  

5. The RA


In this time of the year, hopefully your RA has become your best friend. Now your RA has become your "go to" person. You will randomly text your RA for any questions that pops up in your head, such as "Why is my package still not here?" or "Can I borrow some quarters to do my laundry?" After almost a year of living together, you start to make plans with your RA to go out to parties with you next semester once they are no under the restrictions of being your RA! Woohoo!

6. The vacuum cleaner owner


"The vacuum cleaner owner" represents the term of "not all hero wears cape" perfectly well. She/He is the responsible person on the floor who kindly lends everyone her/his vacuum. The vacuum cleaner owner knows who got the nastiest room and will also know who haven't clean their room in a while. Big shout out to all the owners who has been kindly contributing their vacuum to their floormates!

7. The tickler

If you got a playful floor, the tickler is the person who is mostly likely to ask others this question, "Are you ticklish?" At this point, no matter what you answer, the tickler will tickle you just for the sake of it. Hopefully, by living with a person like this if you are a victim in this situation, you have already developed a set of skills to fight off the tickler. On the other hand, if you are the tickler, stop it before the poor victims kick you in the face!

8. The sorority girls

The sorority girls are currently being spoiled by their bigs. They are most likely to come home with baskets after baskets of goodies. Luckily, it means you will have endless kitkats, swedish fish and cool shape straws if your floormates are kind enough to share. 

9. The frat dudes

Once the frat dudes start pledging you will barely see them anymore. It is a lot to handle both the processes of pledging and school works. When you get a chance to see them, they are usually exhausted anyway. On the bright side you will (hopefully) be soon invited to all kinds of parties! Get excited!

10. The Teddy Bear


The floor "teddy bear" is your emotional support on the floor. Some "teddy bear" will give you warm hugs, some will crack some bad jokes to cheer you up. The common thing each "teddy bear" shares is the abundant amount of love they provide you. 

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Yu Chien Wang - Syracuse University

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