The long-awaited fourth series of Sherlock Holmes has finally stream on BBC One. Here are 10 moments that the Sherlock Holmes' scene resemble our college struggles. 

1. Those Nights That You Refuse To Go Out 


The difficult part of staying in on weekend nights was the process of persuading your friends to leave you alone so you could attain some inner peace.

2. The Struggles Of Team Work 

Once in a while, you received suggestions that may not have been very intelligent. At least most of the times, people realized their input wasn't any more clever than that of their classmates' (please be nice about it, though). 

3. Home Is Where You Take Your Pants Off

Privacy became extra valuable in a dorm. People definitely dressed more comfortably once they entered their own room. Although Sherlock Holmes wasn't wearing anything in Buckingham Palace, he seemed pretty comfortable. Maybe it was because the palace made him feel like ho(l)me(s). 

4. When Your Friend Thinks You Are Full Of Yourself

Might as well put on a crown if you are what your friend described you as. Although Jim Moriarty's narcissist traits led him to a dark psychopathic alley, he was an interesting villain to watch.

5. When People Kept Coughing In The Middle Of A Difficult Course 

All college campuses, at one point, went through a germ phase where people wouldn't stop coughing in class. It got very frustrating when you were trying to learn and be polite at the same time, but your brain was too distracted by unnecessary noises. 

6 . When You Say You Will Get Up Early To Get Things Done

Getting out of bed is already difficult enough — getting out of bed early is nearly impossible. We all had that silly laughing moment when you and your friends knew that you just told a big, fat lie. 

7.  Trying To Convince Yourself To Do Things Others Might Not Approve Of

Sweet Mrs. Hudson stole the spotlight once she was on the screen. Why not take her advice when she is a lighthearted land lady (not a housekeeper) and she has been nothing but nice to Sherlock and Watson? 

8. Whenever Strangers At Parties Say "You're My Best Friend"

Always appreciate the love cause it will probably fade by the end of the night.

9. When You're About To Freak Out 

Rule of thumb: whoever says "don't panic" will most likely go cuckoo first. 

10. Being Surrounded By People Who You Appreciate Endlessly

May all of you find yourself loving your friends like Sherlock Holmes love John Watson!

As the fourth series of Sherlock Holmes evolved, it's only getting better. It's a show that will be a regret to miss. Hopefully we all have a Sherlock Holmes-type of detective brain to push through school's loads of work. 

Lead Image Credit: Tamara Menzi via Unsplash