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Aug 26 2017
by Victoria Nguyen

5 Avocado Recipes to Try In College

By Victoria Nguyen - Aug 26 2017

Avocado, the fruit that illuminates the beauty of personality — ugly on the outside but beautiful on the inside. It's a lesson of shallowness taught by something we all love: food. Along with lessons, here are some avocado recipes to spread.

1. Paleo Baked Eggs in Avocado 


You won't be missing breakfast and walking into class looking like a hungry person rudely awakened from their slumber with this recipe. With only two main ingredients, this recipe can be conveniently completed in 10 minutes or less. Check out how to cook an egg in the microwave here.

2. Avocado Pesto


There are endless combinations with avocado pesto. It could be drizzled on pasta, zucchini noodles, soup, sandwiches, pizza or even veggies. With just a few spices, an avocado and some pasta, you're one quick and easy dinner party away from adulthood.

3. Creamy Avocado Citrus Dressing 

Dishin & Dishes

Don't bottle up your emotions. Bottle up some creamy avocado citrus dressing instead — a simple mixture that can be prepped in under 10 minutes.

4. Paletas de Aguacate (Avocado Ice Pops)

Cooking Channel

Is portion control even necessary if popsicles are healthy? This might be the most creative, but lowest effort avocado recipe ever. Just blend the avocado, add water, sugar, lime juice and freeze it. 

5. Avocado Toast With Add-Ons 

Damn Delicious

Slap avocado on some toast and call it a nutritious day with this easy recipe. It's good enough to eat the crusts of the bread. 

Avocados can conveniently be added into almost everything, whether they're the main ingredient or a side dish. Their creaminess adds texture and flavor to every recipe. Plus, they're healthy. 

With all the health benefits that avocados provide, it's no wonder they're in such high demand. Avocados are high in potassium, antioxidants, fiber and oleic acid which reduces inflammation. However, we may potentially be at risk of reducing the availability of avocados. Climate change has caused temperatures to rise, making drought more susceptible, thus stunting the growth of avocados.

If we want to keep these easily-attainable delicious nutrients affordable and in our life, we have to start reducing our carbon footprint. We can start by purchasing locally and organically grown avocados, which would reduce water contamination and deforestation of carbon sinks in Mexico, as well as the carbon emissions from the transportation of the avocados. 

Lead Image Credit: Brenda Godinez via Unsplash

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Victoria Nguyen - University of California, Irvine

Victoria Nguyen is a freshman at University of California Irvine majoring in Social Ecology. Follow her on Instagram! @victoriatsn

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