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May 19 2017
by Victoria Cheng

This High School Student Flew Over 600 Miles for Her Girlfriend's Prom

By Victoria Cheng - May 19 2017

Prom is a special time for couples to show of their love for their significant other, and Callista Carroccio knew exactly how to do her part and flew over just to attend her girlfriend for her senior prom on May 12.

Carroccio, a student at the University of Rhode Island, always wanted to go to a dance with her girlfriend, Melissa Mackay, a senior in a private all-girls school in Cleveland, Ohio, so she planned out everything to make it in time for the prom.

“I had finals literally the day before and I was so nervous for the whole semester because I hoped it would work out and it did,” Carroccio said. “My last final ended at 11 and then I had to move out of my dorm. Then I had catch my flight and I got there Thursday night and then prom was the next day."

Mackay said it was a night to remember.

“It was amazing because she was so pretty and the dress looked so good on her," Mackay said. "I got to kiss her and it was the best night of my life.”

Meeting on vacation in New Hampshire, the couple has kept a long distance relationship since December of 2015 and have traveled back and forth to visit one another.

“We ended up crossing paths a lot,” Carroccio said. “On our first day we were at the same hotel and we ended up going on the same hike and doing a lot of things together... It was kind of like fate.”

The initial tweet of the picture of the couple glammed up in their prom dress received an overwhelmingly positive response, amassing nearly 100,000 likes and 21,000 retweets. The couple also received a lot of love from the parents and students at the prom.

“A lot of people loved us,” Mackay said. “My friend’s mom came up to us and said ‘I’ve never seen such a hot and beautiful lesbian couple.’”

Displaying how it is possible for a lesbian couple to be out with their significant other and be so accepted, the couple hopes this positive response will help other LGBTQ+ couples to do the same.

“I know years and years ago, gay couples were never able to go to prom together or be in public together so the fact that we can put this on social media for so many people to see is a really encouraging message,” Carroccio said. “I know that kids will see this and I hope that this can be a role model for them.”

Mackay had some words of advice for others in similar situations.

“Don't let the hate bother you. Just be who you want to be," Mackay said. "We did get a little bit of hate but there was so much positivity that it completely outweighed it.” 

Lead image credit: Twitter via @melissaxmackay

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Victoria Cheng -

Victoria Cheng is a freshman studying journalism at Baruch College in New York. She loves to drink tea, read and sing just about any type of music. Follow her on Instagram @itsviccctoria

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