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Jun 04 2017
by Victoria Cheng

This College Student Had A Mock Graduation After His Train Was Delayed

By Victoria Cheng - Jun 04 2017

If you’re from New York City, you know how MTA delays could be a nightmare, but this college student made the most of this nightmare when he held a mock graduation after train delays kept him from his college graduation.

Jerich Marco Alcantara was taking the E train to his graduation at Hunter College, scheduled to be at 10 a.m., when the train experienced an emergency brake malfunction. This delayed the train for nearly two hours until the passengers were moved to a rescue train, which was also delayed for another half hour.

The delay of the train really put a downer on Alcantara’s mood, but he still hoped he could walk the stage.

“I was a little upset on the train, but I wasn't sure when the graduation ceremony would end,” he said. “I had a little hope I'd at least make the end of the ceremony, so I could walk the stage."

Alcantara decided to make the most of this unfortunate situation and lightened up the mood for everyone to hold a mock graduation right on the train.

Jerich Marco Alcantara

Jerich Marco Alcantara

“The mood on the rescue train was a bit off and people were really frustrated and restless, so I thought I'd lighten everyone up by joking and thanking them all for coming out to my graduation,” Alcantara said. “When I did that, they loved it and applauded me.”

Among the people on the rescue train with Alcantara was Nadiya Afzal who recorded and posted a clip of the mock graduation. That video went viral, amassing over two million views and 21,000 likes.

“It's been so exciting,” Alcantara said. “So many people have been reaching out to congratulate me and interview me. It really feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

In the end, Alcantara arrived to the graduation minutes after it ended, but he was able to walk across the stage as his girlfriend organized a small ceremony with his close friends.

Jerich Marco Alcantara

Although it would’ve been nice to walk at his own graduation, his mock graduation on the train will be unforgettable.

“I felt really happy,” he said. “It was amazing to see all those strangers be so kind and positive after being delayed for so long.”

Lead Image Credit: Jerich Marco Alcantara

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Victoria Cheng -

Victoria Cheng is a freshman studying journalism at Baruch College in New York. She loves to drink tea, read and sing just about any type of music. Follow her on Instagram @itsviccctoria

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