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Apr 26 2017
by Victoria Cheng

This High School Senior Used Her Prom Dress to Send a Powerful Message

By Victoria Cheng - Apr 26 2017

Rather than wearing a traditional sparkly and colorful prom dress, Milan Bolden-Morris, a senior basketball athlete at Cardinal Newman High school, wore a dress covered with the faces of victims of police brutality to her prom on April 21.

On the dress are the faces of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown and more, all victims of unnecessary violence by the police. Wearing this dress to prom spoke volumes about the problem of police brutality in America.

“It [the dress] was done to convey that God created all of us to love,” Bolden-Morris said, “and He created us to love each other how He loved us and regardless of what race you are, we should take peaceful measures instead of violent measures.”

She decided to model the dress when her designer friend, Terrence Torrence, told her about his idea that he'd been brewing for over a year.

“It was a brilliant idea because no one really was expecting it,” she said. “It was conveyed without using flyers, riots, or demonstrations but through fashion.”

The tweet has over 1,600 retweets and over 3,300 likes. While Bolden-Morris has received backlash for the tweet, many on Twitter are lifting her up. 

Wearing this dress also carried great meaning to Bolden-Morris personally. With family members who are in law enforcement, as well as a younger brother, she empathizes with both sides of the conflict.

“I don’t want people to look down upon police officers and add to the negativity," she said. "I just want to people to have a positive and peaceful take on a situation.”

Bolden-Morris’ wearing of the dress sparked praises and support from the Internet, even from Snoop Dogg, who retweeted the photo.

Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, also showed her support for Bolden-Morris by reaching out to her. She invited Bolden-Morris to model the dress at the Circle of Mothers event, an event held by the Trayvon Martin Foundation in Miami on May 20.

“I was so blessed to have a talk with her,” Bolden-Morris said. “She is such a strong woman and to go through as much as she did. She commented on my boldness but it was honestly my pleasure to be on the phone with her.”

While there were some negative comments about the dress, Bolden-Morris stands proudly with her decision and thanks everyone for the support.

“I want the message to be positive, and some people failed to see that because they thought that it was just supposed to be rooted towards the black community," she said. "But this message is to show that violent measures shouldn’t be taken, that peace and love is the way to go.”

Lead Image Credit: Twitter via _milan23_

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Victoria Cheng -

Victoria Cheng is a freshman studying journalism at Baruch College in New York. She loves to drink tea, read and sing just about any type of music. Follow her on Instagram @itsviccctoria

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