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Jun 11 2017
by Victoria Cheng

College Students React to Sense8's Cancellation

By Victoria Cheng - Jun 11 2017

Sense8, a Netflix original show known for its inclusiveness of LGBTQ+ topics and ethnic representation, was cancelled on June 1, the first day of Pride month. Now, its fans are flooding the Internet, tirelessly trying to get Netflix to renew the show

Sense8 is about eight individuals from eight different cities all around the world who become telepathically connected to one another and their fight against BPO, the company that is hunting people like them. Filmed in 16 different cities and praised for its great cinematography, diversity and LGBTQ+ representation, the show gained fans from all around the world.

Fans of Sense8 reacted strongly towards the show’s cancellation and took to the internet to make petitions and fill Twitter and Facebook with posts demanding for its renewal.

Whittney Brookshire, a student attending Eastern Kentucky University, is a fan of the show for its interesting story and powerful messages.

“The idea that eight complete strangers can connect with each other, regardless of their language, religion, gender, race or other factors is so important for what is happening around the world,” she said. “It addresses current topics and promotes love in all situations.”

Brookshire was very upset when she found out that the show was canceled, feeling as though she had “lost a loved one.”

“It was actually hard to get out of bed for a few days and the fact that it was the first day of pride month showed the insensitivity of Netflix,” Brookshire said. “The show is so inclusive and accepting but the network went against the morals of the show and hurt its followers, especially those of us in the LGBTQ+ community.”

Galin Chaushav, a pharmaceutical student at the Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria, loves the show because of its uniqueness and creativity.

“It's something new, something different with a lot of sense in it, not just another TV soap opera or anything like that,” he said. “It has action and passion in it. It makes you feel really intense at times because you are so focused on what's going on and at the same time you feel really connected to the actors”

Chaushav said he, like many Sense8 fans, were taken aback by the news and angry with the actions that Netflix took with the show.

“It really surprised me and at first I did not believe [the] news, owing to the fact that the show was really great in my opinion and I didn't expect it to be canceled,” he said. “When I realized that this was not fake news, I became a little angry at Netflix, I even contacted them to voice my complaint.”

Malavika Arun, a student at Lewis & Clark College of Portland, Oregon, is a fan of the show because of the representation and social awareness the producers and creators put into the show.

“Being Indian, I feel like all western portrayals of India see it as this magical spiritual place where one goes to find themselves and for the first time I saw a show that highlighted issues with the fundamentalist Hindu propaganda that is on the rise in India right now,” she said. “I understood then that the creators were well aware of the different cultures and identities they were representing.”

Being so attached to the series, Arun was shocked and devastated after finding out about the show’s cancelation.

“I heard it late at night here in India and I just sat on my bed and thought about everything it meant to me and cried a bit,” Arun said. “Canceling it on the first day of pride was just the worst thing they could do. This show means so much to the LGBTQ+ community and I thought that was very disrespectful.”

Rebecca Schulz, a student of Hillsborough Community College of Florida, is a fan of the show because of all the great messages it sends out to its audience, and she was also very upset that Netflix canceled the show.

“It felt like my heart was torn in two pieces,” Schulz said. “I wanted a reason why they chose to cancel with a cliffhanger, and I was disturbed and angered they canceled a show of amazing inclusion on a day that represents the epitome of inclusion.”

Although Netflix released a statement confirming the show's cancellation for the second time, nothing is going to stop the Sense8 fans from giving up on this inclusive and diverse show.

Lead Image Credit: Bookaholic via Flickr Creative Commons

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