With some good lighting and a clean mirror, bathroom selfies can be super cute. Julissa Emile, a student at Wheelock College in Boston, took her selfie game to a whole other level.

While attending a slam poetry competition at the University of Illinois in Chicago, Emile decided to take a selfie in the gender-neutral bathroom located on the campus. However, this was no ordinary selfie.

With each picture she took, more queer people from her slam poetry team joined in. By the last photo, there were four beautiful queer people posing alongside Emile, making it a wholesome series of pictures.

After Emile posted these pictures on a tweet, the post went viral, now amassing over 22,00 tweets and 55,000 likes.

She said, "Maybe like an hour after I tweeted [it], it already had 1,000 likes, and I was like 'omg wut,' so I knew it was on the path to going viral."

Many people on Twitter reacted positively to the post, showing their support for gender-neutral bathrooms and the queer people who prefer these bathrooms.

Emile also later posted more pictures of herself with her teammates in more gender-neutral bathrooms.

The fight for gender-neutral bathrooms took a hit when President Trump rescinded laws that protect transgender students and allow them to use public bathrooms that correspond to the gender they identify with. It is important to remember that there are transgender and gender-nonconforming people who feel much safer in gender-neutral bathrooms. These bathrooms allow them to do their business in peace and in a place where they can be themselves.

“People think that people of different genders can't go to the bathroom together,” Emile said, “and I hope that people's hearts soften a bit when they see it and know that it's possible.” 

Lead Image Credit: Julissa Emile via Twitter