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Jan 28 2018
by Variya Tongtip

8 Challenges to Tackle in 2018

By Variya Tongtip - Jan 28 2018

Resolutions aren’t for everyone. I mean, you might not always be able to complete all of them and they can become overwhelming after a certain time; some people might just forget after a while. So here’s another alternative. Why not take on some 2018 challenges? Challenges aren’t binding, you can take your time with them and some even come with schedules to help you complete them! Here are some challenges to tackle in 2018; do one for the whole year or take multiple one-month challenges!

1. The 12 Month Money Challenge 


As college students, we are always looking for ways to save money and budget. This is a full-year challenge that will help you save up to $1,050 by the end of the year! By adding a certain amount of money each month, this plan will help you save money by December. Visit the official webpage for more tips and tricks for saving up.

2. I Am Strong Challenge


This is another year-long challenge to help yourself. PopSugar has created monthly challenges along with helpful guidelines for you to tackle, helping you become better and stronger in 2018. 

3. 30 Day Minimalism Challenge 


Trying out minimalism can not only help clear your head space, but can also be a money saver! However, de-cluttering everything you have can be time-consuming, especially for a college student. This challenge is perfect for someone who wants to become a minimalist, helping you make small changes every day. The best quality of this challenge is that it is not exclusively about your possessions, but also helps you to think like a minimalist! If you’re still not sure about the concept of minimalism, watch the documentary on Netflix called Minimalism! Here’s the trailer

4. 30 Day Photography Challenge 


Got a new camera as a present for Christmas or New Years? This is your chance to try it out! And if not, then you can just use your phone to try to take the photos. This is great for documenting yourself, your journey and most importantly it holds you accountable to continue this challenge! Why not even post it on your Instagram to show off your work? 

5. 2018 Reading Challenge 


Reading more was always a popular New Year's resolution. However because it is so simplistic, some people are often unsure of how to pursue this. This list is great as it not only challenges you to read more, but also read a wider range of books that you might not have considered reading before. Instead of “Read One Science Fiction Book,” this list is more creative and original, ensuring that you will be able to find a book that you would want to read and at the same time fulfill the list.  

6.  4 Week Fitness Challenge

Fitness is always a New Year’s resolution, so why not ease into it with this fitness challenge? Go through the different videos of the week to kick-start your fitness this year! The great thing about this challenge is that the exercises are all different so you'll never get bored. Mix things up by swapping one of this week's exercise with next week to keep yourself motivated. 

7. 30 Day Writing Challenge 


For those who want to start journaling this year, then this might be the perfect challenge for you. This writing challenge is filled with prompts that are easy and can become very personal. Journaling is a great way for self-reflection and this writing challenge can help you kick-start a new writing habit if that is one of your goals.

8. 30 Days of Self Improvement 


Self-improvement seems to be the main concern of every New Year's resolution. This list is perfect for people who are still not sure about which aspect of themselves they would want to improve yet. The list includes things such as "get outside" or "make a meal for a friend." All easy things that you can do that not only will make you happy, but might make another person happy as well. 

A new year is always a new time to try something different. Although you don't have to follow these lists, you can definitely take them and add them to your New Year's Resolution. 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash

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Variya Tongtip - Skidmore College

Variya Tongtip is a freshman at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, but is currently abroad in London! Follow her on Instagram: @variyatongtip

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