It is no surprise that freshmen change drastically from their first semester to their second semester. As freshmen, we tend to stick with the first group of friends we find and underestimate the amount of work college is. We also don't realize how stressful midterm week is and how important it is to take care yourself. Fresh U reached out to current college freshmen and found out how they have changed since first semester.

1. Noah, McGill University

"I found myself standing in the Starbucks line more than I expected I would be. First semester I tried to power through without coffee but failed tragically around finals week. I get coffee every other day now and can't imagine getting through college without it."

2. Anarosie, University of Central Florida

"I noticed that I barely reach for junk food now. It sort of served as comfort when I was adjusting to college and being away from home but now I make healthier choices and I cook more!"

3. Janis, Nova Southeastern University

"I found confidence when I learned that most people feel the same way. We all are going through similar problems and we aren't alone. Last semester, I struggled to step out of my comfort zone socially but now I'm really making an effort to reach out to others."

4. Joey, Tulane University

"I've learned to say goodbye to the friends that [were] toxic. I stuck around with them last semester because I thought I wouldn't make new friends but now I know better. I deserve friends who love and appreciate me."

5. Tayba, Florida International University

"When I say I never studied before college, I'm being serious. College truly taught me how important it is to study and truly understand the content. I struggled to find my study habits first semester but I figured it out and I've been pretty successful this semester."

6. Ana, Duke University

"I learned to be more organized with my academics and it truly has made me more confident. Invest in a planner if you can!"

7. Kadeem, Florida State University

"In my first semester, I thought I could put off my work and manage to get it done in time. Well, I was wrong. My goal this semester is to get my work done in advance so I'm not having a meltdown two in the morning."

8. Nimrah, Broward College

"Taking both semesters completely online, I have been able to travel and spend more time with my family. With online classes, you have to motivate yourself more and that's something I had to work on. This semester, I've been motivating myself by giving myself a treat every time I accomplish something for my classes."

9. Cady, University of Florida

"I learned that I don't have to be miserable in my major in order to achieve my dreams... my mental health matters way more. Switching my major and prioritizing my mental health have been the best decision of my life."

In so many ways, freshmen have changed since they first stepped onto campus. It is so hard to believe that we are less than a semester away from being sophomores. Here is to surviving the first year of college!

Lead Image Credit: PactoVisual via Pixabay