Often when we face problems, we find ourselves gravitating towards YouTube to find solutions. YouTube can teach you how to tie a tie and it can also guide you throughout college. From Khan Academy videos that help you learn virtually any math concept to college students who simply vlog about their own experiences, there's a video for every question you may have in college. Fresh U reached out to a few YouTubers as well as subscribers to talk about their favorite YouTubers.

1. Kylie Anderson

When Kylie Anderson was in fifth grade, she made her first YouTube account. Yes, you read that right, she began her YouTube journey as an elementary student and now she continues her channel as a college freshman at University of Wisconsin at Stout. Kylie's channel centers around makeup and school but it goes way beyond that. Her channel follows a girl from a small town as she embarks on a journey to bring positivity to the world. 

Kylie described her channel to be, "just a space for beauty and positivity for everyone."

She hopes to continue her channel in the future and is majoring in Psychology.

Social Media: Tumblr and YouTube channel

**Editors Note: Kylie is also a Fresh U contributor.**

Kylie Anderson

2. Katerine

Katerine is currently attending University of Southern California and plans on graduating next year. Her channel is primarily centered around academics and guiding college/high school students. 

One of her subscribers, Maya, told Fresh U that, "her bubbly personality and her dedication to her academics inspires me to do my absolute best in college."

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3. Amaan Khan

Although Amaan is currently on a hiatus with his Youtube career, he can't imagine a life without it. 

When Fresh U asked about his future with Youtube and his goals, he said he wanted a channel that was centered around, "self-improvement and motivation but as well as comedy and entertainment, even if they seem worlds apart." 

Amaan began his Youtube journey after people encouraged him to because they enjoyed his random yet funny videos on Instagram. He is currently a senior at Florida Atlantic University where he is studying Biological Sciences. 

One piece of advice he would give people considering starting a channel is, "Just keep uploading. Don't worry about having the perfect video and don't worry about criticism. The more you upload, the better your channel will get over time."

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Amaan Khan

4. Thomas Frank

Although Thomas is a college graduate, he is constantly making videos centered around making your college experience the absolute best. His videos are all about academics but different aspects of it such as time management and organization. His website describes his channel to help "winning college" and isn't like the average YouTube channel with school hacks.

Social Media: Instagram, Twitter and Youtube Channel

Thomas Frank

5. Nathan Zed 

One of Nathan's subscribers Sanya loves his videos primarily because,  "he speaks up about a lot of social issues like racism and double standards."

Nathan is a sophomore at Virginia Tech and is an activist, especially on Twitter. 

Social Media: InstagramTwitter and YouTube Channel

Nathan Zed

6. Olivia Simone

Olivia is a sophomore at UC Davis and is currently enrolled in the Disney College Program. 

Margaret, a student at UC Davis, loves watching Olivia's videos and finds her "cute awkwardness refreshing." 

Her videos are centered around academics and follow her college career.

Social Media: Instagram and YouTube Channel.

Olivia Simone

7. Katy Bellotte

Katy is a junior at Elon University and is actually currently studying abroad in Italy. 

Ashlyn, a college freshman, has been following Katy since her senior year. She told Fresh U that, "Katy has inspired me to accept myself."

Katy's videos are unique in quality, content and edit.

Social Media:  InstagramTwitter and YouTube Channel.

Katy Bellotte

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Lead Image Credit: HelloKaty via YouTube