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May 24 2017
by Uzma Jamil

6 Social Media Accounts All Nova Southeastern University Students Should Follow

By Uzma Jamil - May 24 2017

With so many events going on at Nova Southeastern University, it is hard to make sure you're aware of them. From unique opportunities, such as the Trevor Noah Show, to free food on campus, these social media accounts will keep you in the loop. For incoming freshmen, following accounts like these will make sure you don't feel left out and allows you to adjust to campus easier. I can't even count how many times I've been reminded about an event because of an Instagram post I saw from an NSU account. 

1. Humans of NSU

Based off the Humans of New York page, Sadia Khan, an NSU junior, made her own version. She features different NSU students and truly shows how incredible it is to be a Shark!

Uzma Jamil via Facebook

2. NovaSoutheastern on Instagram

With constant updates with what is going on around campus or important information that students should know, this account makes sure NSU Sharks are aware of everything. The page is very centered on the students themselves, so maybe one day you'll be featured!

3. NSUCampusLife on Instagram

Centered around social events on campus, this account will make sure you know exactly what fun events are going on and when. From brunch to free NSU gear, this account makes sure you don't miss anything. 

4. NSU RecWell on Instagram

With constant posts about what time the gym is open to unique opportunities, this account makes sure you are reaching your fitness goals. It also gives you a heads up about free items and food! Make sure to follow this account.

5. NSUSeaBoard on Instagram

SeaBoard is constantly hosting cool events like Build Your Own Pikachu or Laugh Your Fins Off, which featured Trevor Noah of Daily Show. This account will keep you in the loop with all of the events going on and how to get more involved on campus.

6. SharkDining on Instagram

The most important thing in life is food. This account will make sure you are aware of everything going on dining wise and that you always know the timings of all the food spots on campus. This account is an essential for NSU students!

While there are several other accounts centered around NSU, these accounts are important for every Shark to follow. They will ensure you are always in the loop and that you never miss out on free food. Best of luck!

Lead Image Credit: Sadia Khan

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Uzma Jamil - Nova Southeastern University

Uzma Jamil is a freshman at Nova Southeastern University majoring in Political Science. She also has her own personal blog, and loves reading more than anything in this world.

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