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Jan 22 2017
by Uzma Jamil

6 Beauty Subscription Boxes Every College Student Should Know About

By Uzma Jamil - Jan 22 2017

As college students, we are broke. There is no way around it. Whether all of our money goes towards the overpriced textbooks or food to survive (yes, the bag of Doritos is necessary for my survival), we have little to no money left over. For my beauty lovers, that is an ultimate crisis. How are we suppose to buy the newest Colourpop lipstick if we can barely afford this college lifestyle? While that might be an exaggeration, Fresh U gathered the best and reasonable priced beauty subscription boxes so you never have to pick between beauty and college expenses.

1. Ipsy

Founded by Youtube guru Michelle Phan, Ipsy gives you five quality makeup items for only ten dollars a month. The products are geared around your preferences and needs. Each month, you get a range of high-end to drugstore makeup products that are popular. It is the perfect way to experiment with products you wouldn't have tried before. Sign up here!

2. Birchbox

Like Ipsy, Birchbox is only ten dollars a month. With four to five products each month, this beauty subscription service exposes you to different brands and products on a monthly basis. They also have a subscription service for men! Check it out here.

3. Walmart Beauty Box

With a price of only five dollars a month, this subscription box will not hurt your wallet. Unlike Birchbox or Ipsy, this service is by season rather than monthly. With products like Clean & Clear, the box is a steal for only five dollars! Check it out here.

4. Boxycharm

Boxycharm is the most expensive of all of the subscription services in this article; however, the products are extremely high end. For twenty-one dollars a month, you will be getting full size products from Tarte, Ofra and more. The website to sign up is here.

5. Goodbeing

Want all natural products with absolutely no toxic cosmetics? This subscription service is the one for you! For eighteen dollars a month, you get a box that is tailored to you and your specific needs. This subscription service is also very focused on providing for people of all color. Check it out here.

6. Play! by Sephora

For just ten dollars a month, you get deluxe samples from Sephora. This is perfect for people who want to experiment with high-end products before buying the full-size version. To take the quiz for your products, go here!

While there are other subscription services available, these are Fresh U's top six. They all are reasonably priced and give products that are worth the price. Best of luck in your beauty endeavors! 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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Uzma Jamil - Nova Southeastern University

Uzma Jamil is a freshman at Nova Southeastern University majoring in Political Science. She also has her own personal blog, and loves reading more than anything in this world.

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