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Nov 11 2016
by Uzma Jamil

5 Note Taking Apps that Are Actually Awesome

By Uzma Jamil - Nov 11 2016

Often, we find ourselves dreading taking notes because we don't feel like writing out our notes or think it is a tedious process to do so. The perfect alternative to handwritten notes are typed notes. Here are the top five apps for note-taking.

1. Microsoft OneNote

What is it?

A software created by Microsoft that allows individuals to create notes using text and pictures. Unlike the average Microsoft word document, users can write virtually on any space available on the page and adjust it to their liking. OneNote is available on Windows, IOS and Android.


1.OneNote automatically saves everything so you never have to worry about clicking save.

2. You can use every space available on the page to create notes and charts.

3. You are able to organize your notes and file them according to class and subject.


1. It is a complicated system so it does take time to adjust and learn how it works.

2. Evernote

What is it?

It is one of the simpler note-taking apps and it is a great way to organize several things.


1. Simple and easy to use.

2. Web clippings are included.


1. It is not designed for large and complex documents.

3. SimpleNote

What is it?

If you prefer simplicity with your notes, this is the app you should look into for your notes. SimpleNote focuses on mainly text.


1. As the name implies, SimpleNote is a very straightforward and simple app to use for note-taking.


1. The app lacks a folder option so your notes may not be completely organized.

2. No web clippings.

4. Quip

What is it?

If you want to share and collaborate on notes with your classmates, this is the app for you. It allows individuals to talk while creating documents of their choice.


1. Team messaging is included so you and your classmates can discuss the notes as you're creating them.

2. Easy, straightforward app to use.


1. You are only limited to Quip and cannot combine other apps with it.

5. Squid (formerly known as Papyrus)

What is it?

Squid allows users to handwrite their notes with a pen or fingers. It also includes the option to use pictures or draw shapes.


1. If you prefer handwritten notes but don't want to use an actual notebook or prefer to have virtual copies of notes, this is the perfect app for you. It combines tradition with technology.

2. You can attach audio to your notes.

3. Documents can be converted to PDFs, JPGs and PNGs.


1. The app doesn't pick up all styluses and it can be difficult to write the notes.

2. It does not include a text feature so if you need to type your notes, this isn't the app for you.

If you want to change up your note-taking style or want to try out something new, check out these five apps. Good luck on your note-taking endeavors!

Lead Image Credit: Oli Dale via Unsplash

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Uzma Jamil - Nova Southeastern University

Uzma Jamil is a freshman at Nova Southeastern University majoring in Political Science. She also has her own personal blog, and loves reading more than anything in this world.

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