Through binge watching twelve seasons of Grey's Anatomy and crying over it like there was no tomorrow, I have connected with several characters and their problems. Whether it be Meredith's tough past or Christina's struggle to keep relationships while pursuing her career, I always found myself thinking, "Wow I go through that too!" The lessons I learned from Grey's Anatomy are as follows.

1. It’s okay to be sad.

Dealing with being left at the altar, Christina Yang fell apart; the strong and independent woman felt as if her world was falling apart. Through her pain and sadness, she showed the world it was okay to be sad and that acceptance is key to getting better. 


2. You don’t need a significant other to be happy.

One of my favorite scenes in the whole series is when Meredith was talking to Christina about her relationship with Derek and she told Meredith, "He is very dreamy, but he is not the sun. You are."  While relationships are great, Christina taught me that I'm the sun and I don't need anyone to validate that. 

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3. Everything is meant to end one day, but the life goes on.

*Major Spoiler Alert* When Derek died and left Meredith a widow, I remember crying for days. I might have also repeatedly screamed "WHY SHONDA RHIMES WHY" too. His death seemed so unfair and all of sudden, but it was symbolic too. Nothing is guaranteed to last forever and we need to accept that; life is unexpected with its twists and turns. Meredith's strength and moments of weakness showed us that while life can be cruel,  we can't let it define us.


4. Everyone needs a friend like Christina Yang or Alex Karev.

From starting dance parties to just being there when problems come up, Yang and Alex are friends that everyone should look for. They not only help Meredith past the low points in her life, but support her through the good as well. They both push Meredith to become the best version of herself. We all need our "person" who will be a shoulder to cry on, our rock and our biggest motivator.


5. It's a beautiful day to save lives, every day.

While the characters on Grey's Anatomy are doctors who work towards saving patients every day, they inspire the rest of us to do the same in our lives regardless of if we are doctors. Grey's Anatomy has shown me that by simply talking to someone when they had a bad day or guiding someone through their problems is important. We all have the potential to save lives.

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While there are so many lessons you can learn from Grey's Anatomy, these are my top five I relate to the most. Grey's goes beyond a medical and romance show, it is a show that teaches you have the capability to change lives and that you can get through anything if you believe in yourself. 

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