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May 16 2017
by Uzma Jamil

10 Great Restaurants Around Nova Southeastern University

By Uzma Jamil - May 16 2017

Tired of eating Chick n' Grill or Greens ETC. every day? Sick of the same options every single day? Lucky for you, Nova is surrounded by so many great restaurants that aren't expensive at all! From Halal Guys down the street to Delicious Raw with healthier options, Fresh U gathered its top 10 places to eat by NSU.

1. Apropo Crepes

Not only is the food here incredible, it is a great place to study. With cute couches and outlets virtually everywhere, it is a nice place to escape to when the library becomes too boring. The prices here are very reasonable, ranging from five dollars to twelve at the most. It's in the tower shops so it is a five minute drive away from campus!

Sadia Khan

2. Paris Morning Bakery

Like Apropo, this bakery is a cute place to study! The food here is incredibly unique as it is a French-Korean. The prices here are extremely affordable and the options are endless. 

Sadia Khan

3. Potatopia

Yes, there is a whole restaurant centered around potatoes. Located in the tower shops, Potatopia has become a hit for NSU students. Here, you can choose between different potato dishes and customize them to your liking. The starting price is typically six to seven dollars and based on your toppings, it increases.

Sadia Khan

Sadia Khan

4. Sub Cafe

Sub Cafe is a personal favorite of mine. With several options and amazing Cuban Coffee, this is a truly a hidden gem in Davie. You can choose to sit inside or outside. The aesthetic outside is perfect for Instagram pictures while the inside is nice and cozy. The prices are extremely affordable for both the food and experience.

Uzma Jamil

Sadia Khan

5. Bento Cafe

Bento opened early last year and has certainly become the spot for NSU students. With reasonable prices, good portion sizes and fast dining, this restaurant is ideal for college students on the go. My personal favorite is the Sriracha Garlic Bowl with Taro Boba Tea! 

Sadia Khan

6. Delicious Raw

Looking for healthier alternatives? This is the place! From Acai bowls to amazing smoothies, Delicious Raw will leave you full without the guilt. Located minutes away from campus, Delicious Raw is a perfect place to go when you're tired of campus food but don't want to overdo it.

Afrin Naz

7. Steak 'n Shake

Steak 'n Shake is my favorite for the late night food runs. The food and milkshakes are reasonably priced, and the atmosphere makes the experience even better. If you are vegetarian or vegan, there are very few options here, though.

Uzma Jamil

8. Blaze Pizza

Craving pizza but don't want Pizza Loft? Blaze Pizza is the way to go! You can customize your own personal pizza and the best part is that it is all under ten dollars! Blaze Pizza is less than seven minutes away from campus and a great option!

Sadia Khan

9. Parlour Vegan Bakery

For my vegan NSU students, this is a great place! With delicious desserts and drinks, Parlour Vegan never fails to please. The bakery is pricier than most places mentioned, but the quality and service is incredible.

Sadia Khan

10. Halal Guys

If you eat only Halal meat or enjoy a good Middle Eastern styled meal, this is the place to go! The prices are great considering how much food you get! The menu is very simple but you can customize your bowl or wrap so you have several options.

Sadia Khan

While these are only 10 restaurants, Nova is surrounded by several places to eat that are both reasonably priced and delicious. Students that attend other schools in the are always comment about how NSU students is in the middle of all of the good restaurants and we're lucky to have that. Best of luck in your eating endeavors, Sharks!

Lead Image Credit: Neshom via Pixabay

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