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Jun 24 2016
by Tyler Bingham

TCU Baseball's 'Superhero' is Leading the Team to 2-0 in the CWS

By Tyler Bingham - Jun 24 2016

7-year-old Micah Ahern from Arlington, Texas is leading the charge for TCU baseball this postseason, according to Today SU.

Micah was diagnosed with Neuroublastoma (a form of cancer) soon after being born. In 2013, he was granted an honorary scholarship by TCU's head coach Jim Schlossnagle. Ever since then, Micah has been an inspiration to the team. Unfortunately, his mother revealed that after numerous surgeries and chemotherapy, his cancer has reached a point where treatment will be stopped. At the end of the CWS Ahern, will be transferred to hospice care to live out the rest of his life.

 TCU baseball players were thrilled to have Micah around for their game in Omaha, Nebraska against Coastal Carolina. Designated hitter Luken Baker spoke about how thrilled he was that Micah showed up to the game:

 I figured out that he was coming up a couple of days ago, and I was really excited about it. He was there for our team meal before the game. It was great getting to see him. And he had a big smile on his face. He was happy to be around. It was fun to be around, and he was upbeat and he was in a really positive attitude.

Starting pitcher Brian Howard also spoke about what it was like to have Micah there:

 It makes the baseball game really easy to go out there and play because you see a kid like Micah, who is one of the strongest humans I’ve ever met,” Howard said. “When you see the smile on his face, it just makes it easy to smile yourself. And he puts you in a good mood immediately when you see him. And he’s just such a huge part of this team. We say it a lot, but it’s hard to even give everyone outside of our program an idea of how much he really means to us.

Micah's own struggle is making everything in the Horned Frogs' way seem insignificant, and at 2-0 in the CWS, they seem poised to make Micah and the state of Texas proud as they advance to the semifinals. We wish all of the best to Micah, his family, and his friends.

Lead Image Credit: Maurice Ahern via Twitter

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