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Sep 25 2016
by Tyler Bingham

Rutgers Shutdown a Tailgate Because Their Athletic Director Drank A Single Beer

By Tyler Bingham - Sep 25 2016

Rutgers University wants to drain all of the fun out of its already miserable football program. 

According to USA Today's FTW, a team that went 4-8 last year (1-7 in conference play), decided to take away its school sponsored student tailgate after Athletic Director Pat Hobbs drank one beer. That's right, he drank a single beer.

It really wasn't even Hobbs' fault. Students were goading him into it, and to his credit he even said when he was originally offered a beer:

No, I can’t drink that right now.

Hobbs is 56-years-old; let him be the cool dad at the party and drink a beer, Rutgers. The students loved it, and it was harmless.

But watch the video and judge for yourself:

USA Today

See? It's borderline adorable. Look at how hard he's trying to fit in with the kids. If anything he's making it less cool to drink. Look how far he's holding that beer away from himself. He even pulls off a lean-over to keep the froth off his suit. He is in full blown dad mode, and deserves to be rewarded for it. 

Unfortunately, Rutgers is lame.

Yes, the school made Hobbs apologize and will no longer be doing school-sponsored student tailgates.

I'm sorry Rutgers, but really? Really? One beer is too hard for you? Should students not relate to faculty at all? 

Look at Hobbs' apology:

My first concern is always for the safety and well-being of our students. Anyone who was at the (student tailgate) Saturday knows that I was acting to ensure that.

To his credit, Hobbs rightfully never directly apologizes for drinking the beer, but the fact the school forced him to say anything makes my eyes roll into the furthest reaches of my skull. 

That's fine Rutgers, be boring. 

Lead image credit: New Brunswick Today via Youtube

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Tyler Bingham - Niagara University

Tyler Bingham, a freshman at Niagara University, plans on double majoring in English and Political Science. Aside from waiting in line at Starbucks, hanging out with friends and reading is how he spends most of his time. Instagram: thetylerbingham

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