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Jul 08 2016
by Tyler Bingham

Nike Is Helping BYU QB Taysom Hill Have Another Shot

By Tyler Bingham - Jul 08 2016

Taysom Hill has been one of the most unlucky college superstars in recent memory. When able to play he's been electrifying and intelligent quarterback. Unfortunately, he has faced season ending injuries in his freshman year, junior year, and received a medical redshirt this past season.

According to CBS Sports, Hill is going to attempt one last season for the Cougars with some help from their school's uniform designer. Nike is developing a shoe just for Taysom. Along with custom insoles. the shoes should provide the necessary support for Taysom to be competitive this offseason against Tanner Mangum. Mangum broke multiple freshman passing records in Hill's absence this past season.

In an interview with the Desert News, Hill spoke out about the process of getting the custom shoes.

The ones I have already now have been molding to my foot specifically. Nike is building an additional support in my arch as well. I'm part of Nike's research and development and I'm sort of the guinea pig to be a part of it. We are literally exhausting every avenue to recover and to stay healthy and make sure my foot doesn't make limitations.

As apparel companies become more and more involved in college athletics, I would expect more athletes to get gear specifically designed for their bodies. Even if Taysom doesn't start this season, his work with Nike is paving the way for the next generation of injury recovery.

Lead Image Credit: The Score via Twitter

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Tyler Bingham - Niagara University

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