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Jul 15 2016
by Tyler Bingham

Hope Solo Shines a Light on Inequality in Women's Soccer

By Tyler Bingham - Jul 15 2016

Hope Solo, one of the greatest soccer players the US has ever produced and a fierce advocate for equal rights for female athletes, has penned a blog post about the unequal conditions players in the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) face in comparison to their male counterparts. 

The most astonishing part of the article are the pictures that Solo provided.

Solo explains how women's pro teams will stay in run down hotels, and sometimes not even have well trained medical staff on hand. 

She opened her post by describing the field conditions of the Seattle Reigns' last match against the Western New York Flash. 

Sunday’s game between my team, the Seattle Reign, and the Western New York Flash, where both teams were forced to play in the outfield of a baseball field, on a field that was dangerously narrow, and absurd for a professional team to play on, was an outrageous example of what we as players deal with on an ongoing basis.

While Sunday’s field issues made national headlines, which we were all so glad to see, the truth is that the standards of our league are so inconsistent and disappointing across the board, these kinds of incidents are really the rule and not the exception. Apologizing after the fact, as commissioner Jeff Plush did, is not enough. Neither is minimizing it, as Western New York coach Paul Riley did by saying his team would “play or practice on whatever field Seattle puts us on next week,” and that “we should just get on with it.”

Christine Sinclair shared this truly astonishing image of the field that the Reign and the Flash were forced to play on.

It is not right to allow our professional women's teams to play under these conditions. These would be considered sub standard for a high school team, and something needs to change and change now. 

US Women's National Soccer Team via Twitter

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