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Oct 30 2016
by Tyler Bingham

An OSU Geology Professor Had A 'Rockin' Response To His Student Skipping Class For The World Series

By Tyler Bingham - Oct 30 2016

According to USA Today, a Cleveland fan and Ohio University Student named Charlie Winovich was about to get absolutely leveled by his professor for cutting class, until he told him it was for the World Series.

To give credit where it is due, when his professor called him out on it, Charlie was pretty up front about his excuse, saying:

"I'll be completely honest I came and swiped and gave a kid next to [me] my homework because my dad got us tickets to the World Series in Cleveland. I'm sorry I didn't want to miss the attendance and I did the homework. I understand if you have repercussions. "

Charlie also attached a photo of him and his brother at the game:

USA Today

Thankfully, when Charlie explained himself - probably the coolest geology professor around - was 100% okay with Charlie missing his class.

"Charlie. That looks like an impeccable excuse. No repercussions. Go tribe!"

The moral of this story is that professors are human beings, too, and being up front and honest with them makes life a whole lot easier.

Lead Image Credit: Progressive Field by Arturo Pardavila III via Wikimedia Commons

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Tyler Bingham - Niagara University

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