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May 29 2016
by Tyler Bingham

8 Things to do the Summer Before College

By Tyler Bingham - May 29 2016

We've all been looking forward to this summer for our entire lives. Since we were kids the end of high school has been built up as this monolith of fun. Why should we run ourselves into the ground this summer with work? I personally have taken off work to just enjoy what really amounts to my last three months as a kid. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with making money this summer, but it's not wrong to treat yourself. Thankfully, there are many opportunities to have fun this summer that don't cost too much to take advantage of if you're on a student's budget.

1. Go to the Beach

Most beaches, whether they're ocean-side or lakeside, are public property. A lot of beaches (especially less crowded ones) only charge $20 to park for the day. Many beaches also offer season passes, so for one sum up front you can enjoy the beach as much as you want this summer. If you go in on one pass with friends, you could plan regular trips to go and take in the sun. 

2. Go Support Your Local Baseball Team

Going to baseball games (especially minor league games) can actually be pretty wallet friendly. You should see if your local team offers a student discount. Websites like StubHub and Vivid Seats also will usually have tickets available below sticker price for weekday and afternoon games. There are few things that embody summer as much as taking in a baseball game on a summer night.

3. Have a Coffee and Read a Book

Yes, be that person at Starbucks. Take a nice afternoon and go to your favorite coffee shop with a good book and just soak in that free WiFi and air conditioning. You can enjoy some peace and quiet outside of your home. It's a win/win. Wear your comfiest clothes and ignore the calorie count on the venti frappucino – you will not regret it.

4. Find a New Hobby

Finding a new hobby can be a fantastic way to broaden your horizons. If you like writing, why not try starting a summer journal? Like drawing? See if your local recreation center offers any art classes. A hobby can be a fantastic thing to carry with you to college. It can be a great way to connect with people with similar interests.

5. Go to a Museum

Many museums offer student discounts and group discounts. It can be an absolute blast to just explore, and take in some amazing exhibits with friends. You could also go to an aquarium.

6. See a Movie During Matinee Hours

If you're willing to wake up, going to a movie theater in the late morning can be the best way to watch a summer blockbuster. The ticket prices are cheaper than normal and the theater will be a lot less crowded than at night. Plus, movie theaters are notorious for having freezing air conditioning, so it can be a great way to ignore the heat of the day.

7. Go on a Hike

A lot of places that offer hiking trails are public land, so you can park for pretty reasonable rates. If you fall in love with the area, see if they offer season passes. Hiking can be a blast with friends or family. You never know what kind of traditions you can start by bonding on a hike.

8. Have a Board Game Party

Board games are going through a renaissance right now. In the past few years, a lot of great party games have come out. From Exploding Cats to Cards Against Humanity (my personal favorite), there are plenty of options for all different occasions. So get together a good group of friends and have some good competitive fun.

Lead image credit: Tyler Bingham via Instagram 

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Tyler Bingham - Niagara University

Tyler Bingham, a freshman at Niagara University, plans on double majoring in English and Political Science. Aside from waiting in line at Starbucks, hanging out with friends and reading is how he spends most of his time. Instagram: thetylerbingham

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