A Collective of Generation Z Creators

The Network is a new part of Fresh U designed to pair young creatives with paid opportunities from media companies or brands. Apply to work with us here, and find out more below!

Collaboration with Brands

The Network crafts creator-driven marketing campaigns by working with influential young people driving conversation and engagement on social media. We're looking for people with a strong identity and voice on social media, regardless of if your following is in the thousands or tens of thousands. If accepted into The Network, you will be paired with opportunities to review or advertise products in exchange for free merchandise or cash payment, as well as access to events or larger collaborative projects. 

We have already connected creators to opportunities with a number of awesome brands, including LeighDeux, Simple Loose Leaf, KAVU, and The PMS Package

A post about Simple Loose Leaf Tea

A post about PMS Package

A post about KAVU

Apply to The Network by clicking *here!* 

High Profile Editorial Opportunities

If you're not interested in using your social media accounts for marketing campaigns, Fresh U would love to have you on our editorial team. 

Fresh U writers have access to opportunities with media companies such as Seventeen and Teen Vogue. These opportunities range from being assigned original, paid articles to having Fresh U articles republished onto Seventeen or Teen Vogue's website. 

Apply to be a Fresh U writer here to gain access to these editorial opportunities, examples below.

Melissa Cordell, UNC-Chapel Hill '19

Mary Kate Webb, Quinnipiac University '21

Maya Ungar, University of Arkansas '20

Natalie Dahl, Ramapo College '20