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May 26 2016
by Tessa Green

This Legendary Flip Phone Is Making A Comeback

By Tessa Green - May 26 2016

Almost every college aged student at one point throughout their middle school or high school years owned a motorola flip phone. With sleek build and cute colors it was no wonder that everyone had them. Plus the dramatic way you could shut your phone was perfect to express our teenage angst. Now it is time to bring back the texting lingo (ILYSM, LOL, GTG, TTYL) because according to this new video, the Razr is making a comeback. 

According to Engadget, the new version of the razr will be making an appearance on the date shown at the end of the video, June 9th 2016. If it does as great as it did when it was first released (over 130 million phones were purchased) then it will definitely be a hit. I know I would certainly trade in my iPhone for another bright pink Razr and purchase a ton of cellphone stickers. 

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Tessa Green - Darton State College

Tessa Green is a General Studies major at Darton State College. She is hoping to transfer to a four year University in the next year where she will pursue either a journalism and or an english major.

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