When contouring first became a trend, beauty bloggers from all over began slimming and shaping their faces and college students attempted to copy them. Now there is a new trend and it is pushing contouring out of the beauty world. This new makeup trend is known as strobing and it requires the use of a highlighter to give your face a dewy and glowing look. Since college students across the nation are probably watching Youtube tutorials in order to master the strobing technique, one beauty blogger has created the perfect highlighter: a pizza shaped highlighter.

According to Cosmopolitan.com you can now wear your pizza on your face in a non messy way. Famous beauty blogger Gina Kay has created a highlighter in the shape of a pizza. Take a look at it:

So just how did Gina come up with this sparkly creation? Well it apparently started with an accident. One day she broke one of her pressed highlighters and instead of throwing it away she mixed it with shimmery eyeshadows and rubbing alcohol. Thus, the pizza highlighter was born. 

So if you're looking for the perfect gift to give your pizza and makeup-loving friend for graduation (or as a going away present), this might just be it. You would have to be a "weirddough" not to want this. Ha. 

Lead Image Credit: jackmac34 via pixabay.com