The use of technology has become prevalent in college classrooms. It's become popular to use laptops and phones to take notes during a lecture, but it's time to put technology back in the bag and pull out an old fashioned notebook and pencil. According to Inside Higher Ed, a new study revealed that putting away technology while in the classroom could lead to a higher GPA.

Faculty at West Point University decided to conduct an experiment to see how much the use of technology in college classrooms affected academic performance. This study separated students into three groups. The first group was not allowed to use any technology at all within the classroom. The second group was allowed to use laptops and tablets. The third group was allowed to use laptops as long as the professor was able to see what the student was doing on the laptop.

The results for the study were published and revealed that male students and students with a high GPA were prone to academic suffering from the distracted use of technology. The study also gave a few reasons why the use of technology in the classroom is harmful. One is that notetaking on the laptop is not as effective as hand written notes. Also that many professors change the way they teach when they allow laptops within the class. A third reason is that within the age of Facebook and Instagram there are too many distractions to allow these computers in the classroom. Maybe we should stick to pen and paper from now on.

Photo Credits: Flickr Creative Commons