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Mar 16 2016
by Tessa Green

Scam Alert: College Students Beware

By Tessa Green - Mar 16 2016

Moving to college is scary and on top of that, college students have the added worry of balancing their own finances without the help of their parents. It is hard enough creating a budget to be able to feed oneself, now college students have another problem to face: scams. College students are inexperienced when it comes to money, so this makes them the perfect target for this new scam that was reported by Time Magazine – though it's part of the growing trend of college students as scam victims. I know it is scary to think about, but here is everything you need to know to avoid being a victim.

The scammer contacts the student through their cell phone and pretends to be from a U.S. government agency. The phone number may appear legitimate, but don't trust it so easily. The scammer then hits in an area that is close to home, claiming that the student owes money on their student loans and will threaten the student with arrest or holding them back from graduating. This may be very frightening to hear. The scammer may also say that the student owes money in other ways. Now the number one warning sign that this is the scam, is that the caller will ask for the money through untraceable methods, such as a cashiers check.

This scam has already hit eight states according to the FBI, so how do you avoid falling victim? Well government agencies will never ask for payment over the phone. Also be sure to never give out any personal information about yourself over the phone, as this can result in identity theft. Overall, just trust your instincts and think before you give away any information – you're in college for a reason. 

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Tessa Green - Darton State College

Tessa Green is a General Studies major at Darton State College. She is hoping to transfer to a four year University in the next year where she will pursue either a journalism and or an english major.

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