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Jun 30 2016
by Tessa Green

New Study Reveals What Piece of Clothing Gets Women More Job Interviews

By Tessa Green - Jun 30 2016

Finding a job right out of college is a worry that many students and recent graduates face. These students prepare the perfect resume and interview answers in order to score there dream job. However, what these students do not prepare for is being judged on their outfit, and I am not talking about how professional they look.

According to the Telegraph, a new study reveals that women who wear low cut shirts are more likely to receive a job offer. Great, another reason for women to be discriminated against in the office. This study was conducted by Dr. Sevag Kertechian from Paris-Sorbonne University.

To conduct this study, Kertechian picked two women with very similar features. Both women had identical skills and experiences on their resume. He then had one women wear a low cut dress and the other wear a more conservative dress for their application photo which he sent to 100 different jobs. The woman in the low cut outfit received 62 more interview offers for sale jobs and 68 more offers or accountant jobs. Despite the fact that the two women had the same qualifications and previous job experience the women who was dressed more provocatively received more offers. This is just another example of sexism in the workplace.

We don't want to let this get you down. Go out there and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and important when trying to get the job that you want! Rock what makes you feel good.

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Tessa Green - Darton State College

Tessa Green is a General Studies major at Darton State College. She is hoping to transfer to a four year University in the next year where she will pursue either a journalism and or an english major.

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