There is a common belief going around that college students have no money. It seems as if college students struggle to pay for their lunch everyday, only surviving off of 99 cent noodles. So, just how is it that college students seem to be donating more money to charities than ever before?

According to USA Today there is a new organization that college students make up a large portion of their donors. This organization is known as Giving What We Can. This organization lets people pledge to give away 10% of their income every year for their entire lifetime. This makes it easy for college students to get involved. Whatever money they are earning now, or that they will earn in the future they can donate 10% easily. Where does this money go to? Well, the organization carefully researches charities across the world to find the most effective ones, which you can pledge to donate to. 

This organization is part of a new form of giving, known as effective altruism. Effective altruism is becoming very popular on college campuses. Some campuses, such as Princeton, Harvard and Rutgers even have groups for it. In fact, Princeton University has a seminar that takes place annually in which $50,000 is given to a group of freshmen to donate to different charities before the end of the semester. 

It is exciting to see this new form of giving appear on college campuses. It means that donating to charity is possible for those who are not incredibly well off or rich. It is now possible for even college students, whose average salary is not a lot, to make a difference and maybe even help save a life.

Lead Image Credit: Chris Yarzab via Flickr Creative Commons