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Jul 07 2016
by Tessa Green

New Study: Pasta Does Not Actually Make You Fat

By Tessa Green - Jul 07 2016

Spaghetti with meatballs has been my favorite meal since I was child. I am sure I am not alone for my love of pasta, so when my parents told me that it was full of carbs and therefore very fattening my heart broke. I now have good news for fellow pasta addicts: pasta does not make you fat.

At least not according to, who has recently reported on a new study stating that pasta might actually make you skinnier. The report was published in the Nutrition and Diabetes Journal stating that pasta may actually keep weight off your waistline. The study was carried out in Pozzilli, Italy, which should come as no surprise since Italians pretty much invented pasta. They studied 14,402 participants aged 35 and older and 8964 participants aged 18 and older, from different areas in Italy. They measured the height, weight , waist and hip circumference, dietary habits, and overall BMI of the participants and found the results to be very different from popular belief.

They found that there was no correlation between eating pasta and gaining weight. In fact those that ate it regularly, but in moderation actually had a lower waist circumference and healthier hip to waist ratio. This may mean that pasta actually makes you skinnier. They say that the key to this thought is to include healthy fats such as olive oil, vegetables, and fish. There is no need to feel guilty for ordering that big bowl of pasta with some parmesan cheese, just keep it at a healthy moderation. 

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Tessa Green - Darton State College

Tessa Green is a General Studies major at Darton State College. She is hoping to transfer to a four year University in the next year where she will pursue either a journalism and or an english major.

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