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Aug 09 2016
by Tessa Green

New Research Shows Single People Live Just As Happily As Married People

By Tessa Green - Aug 09 2016

"You're going to be single forever" or "forever alone" is a common insult in today's society. There is a bad stigma surrounding single people, especially as they get older. However, new research shows that there seems to be no correlation between a person's happiness and their relationship status.

According to the Huffington Post single people have larger social lives and undergo more psychological growth than married people. This is according to research that Bella DePaulo presented at the American Psychological Association Convention. DePaulo started her research by examining past articles regarding relationship status and personal happiness and found 20,000 studies related to married people but only 500 related to single people. She found that these studies also had a tendency to be biased and only point out the things that married people tended to do better.

She discovered a study that found that single people experienced more personal growth in a five year span than married people. She also discovered that being single allows you to have stronger social connections. She stated that "when people get married, the get more insular." So the next time you are feeling down about being the only single friend in your group, then remember DePaulo's research that you have just as much to offer.

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Tessa Green - Darton State College

Tessa Green is a General Studies major at Darton State College. She is hoping to transfer to a four year University in the next year where she will pursue either a journalism and or an english major.

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