For every college student there will be at least one time during the year when an all-nighter is their only option. Whether this be during finals week or if all of their teachers decided to assign homework due on the same day, it is inevitable. 

When this time occurs college students all over the nation run to the nearest convenience store to pick up a Starbucks mocha or a red bull. However, there are some out there who cannot stand coffee or energy drinks. They no longer have to struggle, because apparently there is now a tastier and healthier caffeinated beverage.

According to Total Sorority Move caffeinated water is actually a thing. A brand known as Avitae offers a line of caffeinated water, and it's apparently been around for quite some time. According to Bevnet they have offered a line of unflavored caffeinated water since 2013. So, why are we just hearing about this now? Well the brand is expanding. They will now be selling there product in 49 different Whole Foods Markets. They will also be offering more flavors such as, blackberry, tangerine, and pomegranate.

Will this be the end of Starbucks everywhere? Probably not, but at least you can pretend to be healthier if you go for caffeinated water instead of a calorie-loaded frappuccino. 

Photo Credits: Steven Depolo